Katie R.

I was brought up in a loving family- mother, father, older brother, and two half siblings- but I have always felt insecure about how I looked. My time at school was spent being bullied for being ‘fat,’ ‘ugly,’ and ‘pathetic.’ This, along with many other factors led to my obsession with dieting.
From the age of 13 I have struggled with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and co-dependency, but the intensity of these issues grew when I was 18 years old. I discovered quickly as I lost more and more weight, that my need to be perfect was never met, and I turned to face my long journey of recovery by seeking treatment in South Africa.
Having recently returned from rehab, I came to Sweet Cavanagh through research and recommendations of fellow ED recoverers. Combining my love of jewellery and crafts, along with the support received here, had been fantastic. Despite the still long path ahead of me, I feel safe and ready to face what life brings with acceptance and a whole load of beads!