Lily S.

I developed bulimia at the age of 15, however refused to fully accept that I had an issue and needed to change my behaviour until last year, aged 19. After working up enough courage to finally face my disorder and to stop lying to myself, my friends and my family, I reached out for help and booked myself a doctor’s appointment. Recovery, however, is never that straightforward; due to having what was viewed as a healthy B.M.I, I was placed upon a long N.H.S waiting list. I still have yet to be seen, which is a fact that I struggled with, as it often made me feel as if my disorder was not severe enough to warrant treatment.
Tired of waiting in vain, I decided to take recovery into my own hands. With the exception of a few inevitable setbacks, I managed to break the binge-purge cycle that I had relied upon as a coping mechanism for so many years. Despite having overcome a massive obstacle, I was still struggling to manage my emotions healthily, and often felt overwhelmed and directionless.
Sweet Cavanagh has provided me with the support that I so badly needed, as well as a sense of achievement, which comes from the process of creating jewellery. Having a space to freely discuss my struggles with people who understand has been invaluable to me. My motivation, studies, and relationships have all flourished as a result. Although I know that I still have a long way to go with my recovery, I feel more at home in my own skin than I have for years.