Growing up, I always felt chubby. My friends were all smaller than me and I was teased. I was pretty confident in my other abilities as I was athletic, smart, and artistic; however, I thought that I would need to lose weight if I wanted to be fully accepted by others. These thoughts were enhanced when my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my home life became tumultuous. There was so much that I couldn't control, but my weight- that was something I could manage. And so I did, too an extreme. In 4 months I lost 30 pounds and was hospitalized. Since then I have been better and worse but my mother's condition continued to worsen.
Unfortunately, I found my peace with Sweet Cavanagh just as my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I never got a chance to tell her how well I am doing or how much her values have influenced the person I have become. My mother was a strong, understanding, and beautiful person, inside and out. I have named my line of jewellery in her honour to thank her for all that she did for me, including my recovery.