Eating Disorder Support Resources

Links to support for eating disorders:
National Centre for Eating Disorders:
No Bodies Perfect:
Eating Disorder Support:
Anorexia Bulimia Care:
Behavioral Encouragement:


Links for support with alcoholism and substance addiction:
Al-Anon 12 step groups for those who need support dealing with alcoholism and addiction in the family:
Alateen 12 step groups for teenagers looking for support with alcohol and addiction in their family:
Alcoholics Anonymous (United Kingdom) For those looking to find recovery from alcoholism:
Cocaine Anonymous (United Kingdom):
Focus 12:
Frank (drugs info service):
Marijuana (cannabis) Anonymous:
Narcotics Anonymous:
National Treatment Agency (NTA):
RAPT (Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners):
Tackling Drugs Changing Lives:
Talking About Cannabis: