We are thrilled to announce that the wonderful Claudia Medlam and Maia Gibbs are forgoing all alcohol consumption for the whole of October to raise money for Sweet Cavanagh. It is not as easy as it sounds and we're so grateful. To sponsor them, click the donate button below.


Sweet Cavanagh provides free support and therapy to women in recovery from eating disorders and addictions in the UK. We use traditional therapy and support groups combined with a jewellery making workshop where our members can grow their self-esteem and learn a skill. The financial cost of treatment in the UK is extremely high, and many people leave treatment before they're ready simply because they can't afford it.


All funds raised in this campaign will be dedicated towards the launch of our Exposure Therapy Programme. Exposure Therapy involves introducing a patient to her feared object(s) or contexts without any danger or opportunity to relapse in order to overcome her anxiety. This is an absolutely vital process of recovery and helps each one of our members reintergrate with the world.


To learn more about the work we currently do, click here


As a big thank you to all of our supporters, we will be sending one of our beautiful signature bracelets to all donations £50 and above.


Please help us help more women struggling to find recover from eating disorders and addictions in the UK.